By John Batchlor

The North Carolina Zoo is the world’s largest natural habitat zoo. The more than 1,700 animals that live there have plenty of room to roam. The zoo is also an active participant in efforts to protect wildlife and wild places. Some of the animals are endangered species, protected at the zoo. They or their offspring often return later to their natural habitat. The Zoo’s veterinary hospital has a staff of nine. They operate the Zoo’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, one of the few wildlife rehabilitation centers operated by a zoo in the United States.

Eight segments of the Nat Geo Wild series, Secrets of the Zoo, are dedicated to the North Carolina Zoo. You can watch them on Disney+ and Prime Video.

For in-person visits, General Admission for adults costs $15. Parking is free. Several picnic areas can be reserved. The Zoo also offers “Ride-and-a-Guide” programs for small groups wishing to visit the Zoo in the company of a Society professional. Ride and guide programs allow guests to make the most of their Zoo experiences. Ride-and-a-Guide tours must be booked in advance.