Seagrove Pottery

The Town of Seagrove is “The Handmade Pottery Capital of the United States” hosting visitors from as far away as Australia, not to mention each of the 50 states. Collecting pottery is nothing new, but in the last dozen years or so, it has turned into a must-do if you’re into supporting the arts, and creating fun bucket list adventures! There are now more than 100 individual potters to visit and collect from in the Seagrove area. Explore at your own pace one pottery shop to the next to see what’s new and exciting in the pottery world, as well as seeing potters make their famous handmade traditional pottery that has been created here for generations! When you take a piece of Seagrove pottery home, you’re also supporting this large family of artists who make a living in this craft.

Each year - the weekend before Thanksgiving - Seagrove welcomes visitors to enjoy Pottery Festival Weekend. Two festivals celebrate the traditions of pottery making with vendor spaces open for shopping throughout the weekend. The Annual Seagrove Pottery Festival is held at Seagrove Elementary School and hosts potters and craftsman from across North Carolina and Seagrove. The Celebration of Seagrove Potters Fall Festival & Studio Tour will allow visitors to experience an indoor show at Luck's Cannery and a self-guided driving studio tour. Local food trucks will be on site along with information tents to enhance the visitor experience.

Check out our Seagrove Travel Tips to help navigate you through Pottery Highway and the countryside any day of the week.

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Our Seagrove Pottery community is dedicated to offering a safe and welcoming shopping experience - in person and online. Please call ahead to your favorite pottery shop!