The Town of Liberty

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Liberty, steeped in history and boasting a rich heritage, offers a captivating blend of culture, athleticism, and architectural splendor. Founded in 1809 as Liberty Oak, the town is renowned as the birthplace of notable figures such as professional baseball player Joe Frazier, Colonel Guy Troy, a gold medalist in the 1951 Pan-American Games, and World Skeet Shoot Champion Craig Kirkman. Conveniently situated 20 miles northeast of Asheboro, 15 miles east of Randleman, and nearly 21 miles south of Burlington, Liberty serves as a hub of activity and charm in Randolph County.

In 2001, Liberty earned a prestigious spot on the North Carolina National Historic Register, recognizing its wealth of historic architecture and cultural significance. The town celebrated its Bicentennial in 2009, a testament to its enduring legacy and community spirit. Downtown Liberty is adorned with treasures from its past, including the Liberty Train Depot, a turn-of-the-century marvel showcasing the town's transportation heritage. This historic landmark stands as a testament to Liberty's bygone era and serves as a focal point for locals and visitors alike.

Liberty's cultural scene shines bright with the annual Liberty Antiques Festival, hailed as the best antiques show in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Drawing famous personalities like Hollywood celebrities Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis, the festival celebrates the town's vibrant antiques culture and community spirit.

For those seeking spiritual solace and historical enlightenment, the 1802 Sandy Creek Primitive Baptist Church stands as a beacon of faith and heritage. As the oldest organized church and surviving religious structure in Randolph County, founded in 1755 by Elder Shubal Stearns, it holds a cherished place in Baptist history and Southern heritage. As visitors delve into Liberty's storied past and vibrant present, they can find further insights into its heritage by contacting the Randolph County Historic Landmark Preservation Commission.

The area is served by six Asheboro area hotels.

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