The Town of Franklinville

Franklinville River

Franklinville, a quaint and historic village steeped in textile heritage, beckons travelers with its scenic beauty and rich history. Established in 1847 along the serene banks of the Deep River, Franklinville is conveniently located just 10 miles east of Asheboro and 11 miles southeast of Randleman.

Experience the splendor of the Deep River on the Deep River Rail Trail, a picturesque three-quarter mile pathway tracing the old railroad bed. Ideal for biking, jogging, and fishing, this trail offers a glimpse into Franklinville's textile legacy and its ties to Native American culture and the Revolutionary War. Adjacent to the trail lies the Deep River State Trail, part of the North Carolina state parks system, featuring a paddle trail winding through Guilford, Randolph, Chatham, Moore, and Lee counties.

For equestrian enthusiasts, Routh Horse Ranch offers horseback riding trails, Western trail riding instruction, and a host of special events, including hayrides and private parties, amidst the rustic charm of Franklinville.

Preserving the village's rich industrial past, the 1838 Franklinsville Manufacturing Company stands as a historic landmark. Chartered by the NC Legislature, it was the first corporation to conduct business in Randolph County and the second textile mill in the county's history. While not open to the public, this site serves as a testament to Franklinville's pioneering spirit and enduring legacy in the textile industry.

As visitors explore Franklinville's treasures, they can find comfort in the hospitality of six nearby Asheboro area hotels, ensuring a pleasant stay while immersing themselves in the charm and history of this idyllic village.

Town of Franklinville | 163 W Main St - Franklinville | 336-824-2604 | A.C. Hurley, Mayor