The City of Randleman

Randleman, steeped in history and renowned for its significant contributions to NASCAR and community spirit, offers a captivating blend of heritage and modern attractions. The city's evolution is woven with tales of its past. With its enduring legend of Naomi Wise, immortalized in the haunting folk ballad "Omie Wise." 

Today, Randleman shines as the hometown of racing royalty, the Petty family. Petty Family Attractions stands as a beacon for NASCAR enthusiasts, encompassing the Petty Museum, Petty’s Garage, and the historic Toomes-Petty House. From vintage cars to memorabilia, the museum celebrates the Petty legacy, while Petty’s Garage continues to draw enthusiasts from far and wide.

Originally known as Dicks, then Union Factory, and finally christened Randleman in honor of mill owner John B. Randleman, the city's evolution is woven with tales of its past.

Among its enduring legends is the tragic tale of Naomi Wise, immortalized in the haunting folk ballad "Omie Wise." While her murder remains shrouded in mystery, the story resonates through the ages, adding a touch of intrigue to Randleman's narrative.

Today, Randleman cherishes the honor as hometown to racing royalty, the Petty family. The home of Richard, Kyle, and the entire Petty Family home resides in Randleman. Stop by and you may just run into the King himself. Randleman's pride extends beyond the racetrack with Victory Junction, a camp founded by Richard and Lynda Petty, providing solace and joy to chronically ill children from across the nation.

Nature enthusiasts find solace at Randleman Lake, boasting over 100 miles of scenic shoreline ideal for fishing, boating, and sailing. Meanwhile, Commerce Square Park, nestled in the heart of downtown Randleman, offers serene surroundings, complete with a picturesque mural by local artist Susan Harrell.

Conveniently located within an hour's drive of three major airports, including Piedmont Triad International in Greensboro, and with a selection of esteemed hotels in Asheboro and Archdale, Randleman warmly welcomes visitors to experience its rich heritage and vibrant community spirit.

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