Asheboro, NC - Heritage Craft Specialist, Karen McFetters returns to the Randolph Arts Guild to offer a unique holiday themed project titled "Ukrainian Christmas Eggs".  Similar to Karen's hand-dyed Ukrainian Folk Easter Eggs, this project borrows some of the same techniques.  Each student will dye two eggs, create vibrant patterns, and finish each project with metallic paint scribbling on the egg.  The finished eggs are suitable for hanging on your or a loved one’s holiday tree.  The project is designed for all ages (under 12 with an adult).  This class meets at the Randolph Arts Guild located at 123 Sunset Avenue on Saturday, November 14 from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. .  All materials provided.  Bring a lunch. The class costs $30 for guild members, $40 for non-members.  Payment and registration are required for enrollment.  The enrollment deadline is Wednesday, November 4.  For more information contact the Randolph Arts Guild at (336) 629-0399. 


Artist Bio:  Karen McFetters is known for her ability to inspire anyone.  She has always creatively made use of her hands.  She was making scarves in 2nd grade and graduated to sweaters by the 5th grade.  And she has been knitting ever since.  Even now, her granddaughter enjoys Karen’s (or “Nee-Nee’s”) scarves, hairbows, and the child is even learning to knit herself.   Karen has a gift in sharing her time-honored nimble hands and simply enjoys teaching others to make items for themselves.  She has taught a Ukrainian Pysanky Egg decorating classes in the past at the Randolph Arts Guild along with other heritage craft-based projects.  She served as the organizer for the Heritage Village at the 2013 -- 2015 Asheboro Fall Festival.  The village featured a variety of artisans and craftspeople whom demonstrated their abilities on-site.  And Karen continues to knit.  She leads a knitting group that meets weekly.