Asheboro, NC - The City of Asheboro has marked the start of the new year with a new look - a new City logo. The logo was developed to promote the vitality and activity of modern day Asheboro.

"The image or graphic most people in Asheboro associate with their government is our city seal. It was created in the late 1960s and has served us well over the years, but it just didn't express what Asheboro is today," said City Manager John Ogburn.

The new city logo evokes a sense of destination, with a postal stamp type frame around a downtown scene and animals that represent the North Carolina Zoo. The tag line "Exactly where you want to be" promotes the idea that Asheboro is an ideal destination for residents, businesses and visitors.

The new logo is being rolled out slowly within city government on order to reduce waste and expense. Some of the first places the new logo will be used is on the City's cable access channel (Time Warner channel 8) and on the City's web site. The city's web site address has also undergone a change and is now

"We're working to improve content and navigation, and have added a sub-site with information on living in Asheboro. The new site will continue to grow and evolve with more content throughout the year. We'd certainly appreciate feedback from residents and other users so that we can continue to make improvements," said City Marketing Specialist Casey Fletcher.

"First we're doing what we can to bring this idea to life within city government. Next is will be expanded to the Asheboro community and finally it will be used in some of our larger promotional efforts, such as our retiree attraction program. Whether you're a visitor for the day or a lifelong resident, we want you to feel that Asheboro is exactly where you want to be," said Asheboro Mayor David Smith.