Asheboro, NC - Metal artist, John Lopienski, will be featured on the front porch of Brightside Gallery, 170 Worth Street, Asheboro, NC, on March 14, 2015 from 12 to 4 p.m. Please come and meet John and learn more about his unique artwork!

John Lopienski is a welder, using metal to create art. John is 29 years old and grew up in Asheboro, NC. He creates his art from used horse shoes and old scrap metal that he and his wife rummage through the local scrap yard to find. John learned to weld through his classes in Randolph Community College's machining/welding program. He became intrigued and amazed with the "art" involved in welding after assisting his instructor with fabricating a bench out of an old iron bed frame. John then began his own welding on his front porch, and has since relocated to his own little "shop" in his basement. John loves the challenge involved with manipulating metal and strives to create his own art from other people's junk. John has created everything from owls, crabs, snails, to wine racks, crosses and personalized farm brands.

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