From Saturday, June 6th through Tuesday, June 9th, the 2009 Conference of The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM) will be held in Winston-Salem, NC, hosted by Old Salem Museums and Gardens.

ALHFAM is a non-profit organization devoted to strengthening the knowledge and practices of those who bring history to life at museums, historic sites, and farms. Areas of historical hands-on expertise that ALHFAM emphasizes are agriculture, trades, manufacturing, clothing, and foodways. In addition, ALHFAM programs address issues of collections care, administration, and programming. ALHFAM members include museum professionals, educators of all sorts, volunteers from historic sites, and people who are simply interested in the past and how it is portrayed today. Collectively, they present the history of many centuries of our existence.

Saturday, June 6, will be devoted to various Professional Development Workshops in the following areas: Seagrove area potteries, historic replica plows in America, a baking workshop with Old Salem staff, the anatomy of gentlemen's waistcoats, growing and grafting apple trees, and cultural heritage interpretation. Following the workshops will be an opening reception.

Sunday's events include the keynote speech by bestselling author Robert Morgan, plus sessions on the following topics: plowing skills, museum volunteers, recreating the Salem kiln, European attitudes toward 19th century American eating habits, welcoming visitors, best practices in interpretation, living history in Hawaii, using re-enactors on site, changes in transportation over time, traveling music shows, cultural entrepreneurship, offsite exhibitions, and sugar making. Dinner, meetings, and an evening of special entertainment at Old Salem will follow.

Monday, June 8th will feature special behind-the-scenes tours and activities at the Old Salem historic site, followed by evening activities and the annual ALHFAM fundraising auction.

Tuesday, June 9th includes sessions on the following topics: using technology, portrayal of Medieval England, first person techniques, members and donors, foodways and lifestyles of plain early Southerner folk, collections policies and procedures, men's summer clothing before 1870, funding relationships with partners, Amistad explorations, objects and memories, outdoor signage, promotion strategies, engaging young people, hiring practices, reproductions in museum settings, direct mail marketing, historical day camps, and surviving in today's economic and social climate. Tuesday evening events will close the conference, with a banquet and English country dancing.

It has been a number of years since an ALHFAM Conference was held in North Carolina, and we are pleased to once again be able to showcase our beautiful state to members from all over the world.

If you are interested in attending all or part of the conference, a registration form can be found online at the ALHFAM website at . For a detailed booklet listing events of each day, contact Darlee Snyder at

Early registration for the entire conference at a reduced price is open through the month of April ($385 member, $415 non-member.) After April 30, registration will be open at the regular price through May 29 ($435 member, $465 non-member.) There is an additional fee for the Saturday Professional Development Workshops. Conference attendees may also register for a single day at the $145 daily rate. The conference hotel is the Hawthorne Inn in Winston-Salem; special room rates are available for conference participants.