Seagrove, NC - Next weekend, Seagrove potters are again creating an eventful weekend with something for everyone. Over 65 clay artists will be offering special events and kiln openings throughout Seagrove the weekend of April 21-22, 2012.

Avery Pottery & Tileworks will feature pots with slip trailed and hand painted designs from the salt kiln.

Ben Owen Pottery will have pottery demonstrations by Ben Owen III periodically throughout the weekend.

Blue Hen Pottery will have slab building demonstrations and serve refreshments.

Bulldog Pottery will have new vases with colorful flowing glazes.

Caldwell-Hohl Artworks will feature new garden art, orchid pots, birdhouses, toad abodes, planters, sculptures and more. Studio tours and demonstrations will be available, as well.

Crystal King Pottery & King's Pottery will hold their 4th Annual King Family Kiln Opening on April 21; pots will be unloaded from the kiln at 10 a.m. Numbered triple-face jugs that each have worked on and special animal sculptures created by Crystal will be available during this event.

Dean & Martin Pottery will feature new pitchers, mugs, jars and teapots in shino glazes, Stardust and Yellow Flower Power glazes, along with new earthenware.

Dirtworks Pottery invites visitors to watch a raku firing on April 21.

Donna Craven is celebrating spring with new pots, planters and door prizes.

Eck McCanless Pottery is offering visitors the opportunity to get their hands dirty with hands-on turning and Agateware carving demonstrations.
Fireshadow Pottery will have new garden and wall pieces available, and will offer refreshments.

Pottery by Frank Neef - Frank will perform pottery demonstrations and his wife, Cindy will arrange flowers in ikebana dishes. Refreshments will be offered.

From the Ground Up welcomes guest potter, Melanie Hutchins, who will also have work for sale. The shop will feature newly fired work by Michael, Levi and Chelsea Mahan. Michael will perform horse hair firing demonstrations in the afternoon. They're serving organic scones and coffee for breakfast and leek and potato soup for lunch.

Great White Oak Gallery is celebrating spring with demonstrations and refreshments.

Michèle Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery invites visitors to participate in a raku firing. Visitors can purchase a bisque pot, glaze the pot and observe the raku firing process. They will also feature new pots from the kiln.

Jugtown Pottery & JLK Jewelry at Jugtown will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Jugtown stamp. Jugtown is firing the large wood-fired salt glaze kiln with pots featuring the stamp, as well as the other two stamps made in the 1960's. The museum will feature an exhibit about the stamps. JLK Jewelry will feature new spring inspired designs.

Johnston & Gentithes Art Pottery invites visitors to enjoy refreshments and live storytelling. They will feature lots of new items with bird imagery.

Latham's Pottery will open their kilns at 10 a.m. Pottery demonstrations will be from 1-3 p.m. They are offering refreshments and a door prize.

Luck's Ware will offer demonstrations and studio tours.
Lufkin Pottery will offer door prizes.

McNeill's Pottery is celebrating spring with door prizes.
Nichols Pottery will feature a new style of birdfeeder and other new pottery pieces.

O'Quinn Pottery is offering door prizes and refreshments.

Ray Pottery will celebrate with new items for spring.

Smith Pottery will feature their spring collection, including pansy pots and items with a spring motif. They will also offer refreshments.

Thomas Pottery is unloading a kiln at 10:30 a.m. on April 21 and 2 p.m. on April 22. New flowerpots, garden ornaments, and whimsical cat, rabbit, frog and chicken planters will be featured. Studio tours, demonstrations and refreshments will be offered.

Tom Gray Pottery will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. In addition to new pottery pieces, Tom will also have a selection of his handmade kitchen knives.

Whynot Pottery & Acacia Art Tile is celebrating spring with "Muds & Suds." The shop welcomes special guests Laurie Abela (Abela Soaps), Anne Raven Jorgensen (Raven Pottery) and Laura Johnson (Snowhill Pottery & Tileworks). They will also offer refreshments.

Southern Spirits Pottery at A. Teague Village, Blue Stone Pottery, Chris Luther Pottery, Hickory Hill Pottery, Studio Touya and Seagrove Stoneware are also participating in the Celebration of Spring. Each shop will have something special for visitors to enjoy.

Event details compiled by: Rhonda McCanless, editor and publisher of In the Grove, a monthly newsletter about Seagrove, NC that focuses on pottery news. She can be reached at (336) 879-6950 or

Participating pottery shops include: A. Teague Village (Southern Spirits), Avery Pottery & Tileworks, Ben Owen, Blue Hen, BlueStone, Bulldog, Caldwell-Hohl Artworks, Chris Luther, Crystal King, Dean and Martin, Dirt Works, Donna Craven, Eck McCanless, Fireshadow, From the Ground Up, Great White Oak Gallery, Hickory Hill, JLK Jewelry, Johnston & Gentithes, Jugtown, Kings, Lathams, Luck's Ware, Lufkin, McNeill's, Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown, Nichols, O'Quinn, Frank Neef, Ray, Seagrove Stoneware, Smith, Studio Touya, Thomas, Tom Gray, Whynot Pottery & Acacia Art Tile. You can download a pdf of participating shops and hours and a map from Discover Seagrove or Celebration of Seagrove Potters and be sure to like us and follow us on Facebook for updates on the event details Celebration of Seagrove Potters.

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The Seagrove Area Potters Association (SAPA) is a group of remarkable clay artists united to showcase the traditional and contemporary pottery of the historic Seagrove community. The goal is to maintain the authenticity of Seagrove pottery by working together in community efforts to promote the historical, educational and artistic aspects encountered while visiting Seagrove, and to draw customers to the individual shops to have a firsthand Seagrove experience. The Celebration of Seagrove Potters was formed in 2008 and merged that year with the SAPA, a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to promote, publicize and market the Seagrove Area Pottery Community and its on-going tradition.