Asheboro, NC - The Randolph Arts Guild is set to showcase the musical talents of Mike Gaffney Live at The Sunset Theatre in downtown Asheboro, Friday, August 22nd at 8pm. Tickets are $10 and will be on sale in advance at the Randolph Arts Guild beginning July 21st and at the door as available.

Back in the month of May, the Randolph Arts Guild partnered with Turntable NC to host the first every Song Spar at the Sunset Theatre. This winner take all songwriting competition pitted creative crooners in no holds barred melody match up. The grand prize for the competitors was a $100 cash and a gig at the Sunset Theater. This year’s winner is Mike Gaffney and his show is set for Friday, August 22nd.

Mike is a fixture in the Asheville, NC music scene for over 35 years, Mike is a well-respected, “seasoned” singer/songwriter with a unique view. His songs, populated by a mix of real and imagined characters, evoke visions of very personal, humorous, melancholy and downright bizarre situations and feelings. Mike enjoys reporting and pointing out the irony of everyday and make believe events in a bluesy, folksy dialogue—completing each musical “movie” with an original sound track played on his guitar. He has been playing guitar for 50 years and well, and it shows.

Several of Mike’s songs have made their way to Nashville where they have been recorded but, as his favorite record producer pointed out a while back, “they’re a little too intelligent”. Regardless of that sad fact, several “thinking” musicians have included some of Mike’s well-received work on their CD’s and in their stage shows. Refusing to give in to commercialism, Mike continues to write and perform for those who appreciate his poetic lyric and dry (but not bitter) stage presence.

As he has stated in several imagined interviews while accepting the Pulitzer Prize in song writing, “I would like to write a song so good, no one will dare write or perform another song—ever. Also, I would love to levitate and have perfect hair”.

Originally from the former cotton mill town of Worthville (now a neighborhood of Randleman), Mike almost grew up in Biscoe and later, the metropolis of Siler City. His web site, gives a small preview of his work.

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