Asheboro, NC - On Wednesday, November 19th at 7pm the Randolph Arts Guild will host indie folk artists Ian Thornton & Shiloh Hill LIVE at the Historic Sunset Theatre in Downtown Asheboro. Tickets are $10 and will be on sale in advance at the Randolph Arts Guild (Mon. - Fri 10am -5pm and Sat. 10am - 2pm) and at the door as available. 

The Randolph Arts Guild, in its efforts to continually push the envelope in the realm of creating cultural opportunities for the community is venturing into hosting local “indie” or “independent” musicians at the Sunset Theatre. According to Executive Director, Derrick Sides “We feel that featuring local and regional indie musicians is an area of cultural experience that is currently untapped.  After the success of Mike Gaffney’s concert earlier this summer we’re excited to follow that show with two equally talented acts.  Ian Thornton is a phenomenal solo artist, and Shiloh Hill is a brand new group that is destined to go far.” 

Ian Randall Thornton is a locally grown musician and song writer from Norfolk, Virginia. He plays many instruments in multiple genres, but prefers the unadulterated simplicity of folk music as the setting to display his more weighty lyrical content and concepts. Though Thornton is still in his early twenties, his maturity, insights and experience are far beyond his years. 

Similarly, in an age where the “folk” and “indie” genres are taking the music world by storm it is not often that you find a band that not only understands their roots but also understands how to create a sound that is continuously evolving and fully unique. Many artists have the ability of portraying exactly what is expected from a genre but few recognize the importance and have the knowledge to be more and move outside of that prototypical sound. This is where Shiloh Hill comes in. 

Shiloh Hill is a project that focuses on a joint contribution of artists showcasing not only excellent songwriting and lyricism, but a simple yet effective ensemble of harmonizing vocals, guitars, banjo, and percussion. With just the right mix of folk, pop, and fireside feeling, each song has way of pulling you in and eventually taking you away. 

The show set for 7pm Wednesday, November 19th and will be held at the Historic Sunset Theatre, 234 Sunset Ave. in downtown Asheboro, NC. Doors open at 6pm. For more information, links to the band’s websites, and sample tracks visit