Date: October 21 2008

Contact: Tom Gillespie

ASHEBORO N.C. – Dr. Mike Loomis chief veterinarian at the North Carolina Zoo was this year’s winner of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarian’s AAZV Emil Dolensek Award. Loomis was presented the award at the AAZV’s annual conference held recently in Los Angeles. The Dolensek Award is presented to a past or present member of the AAZV in appreciation for exceptional contributions to the conservation care and understanding of zoo and free-ranging wildlife—reflecting Dolensek’s commitment to those purposes. Further the award recognizes individuals similar to Dolensek who have advanced the profession and served to link the related disciplines of zoo and wildlife medicine. Loomis additionally received a 1000 cash award. The award with its first recipient in 1991 has been given yearly since 2001. The zoo is an agency of the N.C. Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources William G. Ross Jr. Secretary; Michael F. Easley Governor.