SEAGROVE, NC — Potter Bobbie Thomas is becoming well known for her rabbit sculptures. 

“I’m getting a bunny following,” said Thomas, who started out working with clay as a hobby before turning it into a successful business. “People are starting to collect the rabbits.”

She makes many of the things you’d expect to find in a Seagrove area pottery. But one day, she decided to do something different and started making rabbits. 

“I would be making one, and I would already have the next one made in my head,” she said. “I would make five in a day.”

She runs Thomas Pottery on South Highway 705 in Seagrove.

While some of her creations include scenes, they each have their own personality. 

“They all have their own uniqueness,” she said. “In fact, I started naming them.”

The popularity of her bunnies inspires her creativity. 

“Whenever you feel the excitement of other people, it feeds your energy,” she said. “It gets you back in the studio to make more bunnies.”

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