Contact:  Mary Farrell

All day on Saturday, May 3rd visitors to Westmoore Pottery will be given a hands-on opportunity to try working on the potter’s wheel. This is a great chance for those who have often watched a potter at work and have wished to try it out themselves.

Westmoore Pottery welcomes both adults and children to participate. During any lulls between adventurous “try-it-yourselfers”, Westmoore Pottery will be demonstrating pottery skills on the wheel. “Wear your old clothes” warns potter Mary Farrell “just in case the clay doesn’t go only where you want it to!”

There is no charge for this event. However if visitors wish to contribute donations will be accepted and given to the North Carolina Pottery Center to support their programs. A kiln load of pottery will also be opened and available for viewing and sale beginning at 9 am that morning. Potters David and Mary Farrell of Westmoore Pottery are often named among a handful of the best traditional potters in the nation today. Their work is found in museum and private collections around the country.

Westmoore Pottery is located at 4622 Busbee Road near Seagrove, North Carolina and is open to the public from 9-5, Monday through Saturday.