Avid hikers share safety tips for hitting the trails this winter

What You Need To Know 

Hikers should look at a trail map before their trip and know how difficult the trail is 

Winter hikers should wear clothing fit to the body, but not bulky 

Deep River Trail is part of the Piedmont Legacy Trails, which spans into 12 counties across the Piedmont 

Mary Joan Pugh, Randolph County’s trail coordinator, started hiking with her parents growing up in Asheville. After a career in government and planning, she enjoys hiking any time of the year. 

“I just like to get outside, no matter where, wherever nature is, because it’s not only good for your physical health, but mental health,” Pugh says.

Ali Steele is the co-founder of Issa Vibe Adventures, a Charlotte-based organization designed to connect the Black community to hiking and other health and wellness activities in North Carolina. Steele began hiking after changing to a more holistic lifestyle.

Amber Scarlett