Asheboro, NC - “Rain or Shine” is one thing however hurricanes are another story entirely. After closely monitoring the weather forecasts and developments over the last 48 hours it is with a heavy heart I must share that the 2015 Fall Festival is cancelled. This is the first time in forty-three years that we’ve had to make this difficult decision and it is not one we take lightly.

The Randolph Arts Guild is a non-profit organization. This event is a major fundraiser for our organization and it is also a major event for many of our vendors who themselves are non-profits or hard working artisans who depend on shows like this for their livelihood. Many, like us have been preparing the entire year for this one weekend. Thus, we have waited until the last possible moment to make this decision. Unfortunately nothing is certain and conditions may change however we can’t in good conscience risk the safety of our vendors, volunteers, and attendees given the current forecasts for potencially heavy rains, flooding and high winds.

An outdoor event of this size and scale is in part special because it can only happen on one weekend out of the year. It is logistically impossible to reschedule. Many vendors have other shows planned for the rest of the year. The thousands of volunteer, churches, civic groups, and non-profits organizations all have other events, fundraisers, birthday parties, weddings, fishing trips, football games, and the like to attend throughout the remainder of the year. This all is not to mention the logistics involved with coordinating the closure of streets and the disruption to downtown businesses that have to plan deliveries and reservations around this event. All that is said to say this, I’m sorry but the 2015 Fall Festival is cancelled and won’t be rescheduled.

Typically our booth fees are non-refundable because most of that money gets spent in preparation for the event but given these unforeseen circumstances we will be offering all of our 2015 vendors a $25 credit toward next year’s booth fee. This will be a difficult financial challenge for our organization to bear but we feel it is the right thing to do.

In the spirit of generosity we are also asking for the public’s financial support in this decision. Donations can be made to:

PO BOX 1033
Asheboro, NC 27204

Or you may give online by following this link and clicking on the "donate button":