Heritage Day, an annual event of Westmoore Pottery, will be held on Saturday, November 7, from 9 am to 5 pm. This event commemorates the founding of Westmoore Pottery by David and Mary Farrell in November of 1977.

"During each Heritage Day we also highlight some aspect of pottery from North Carolina's past," explains potter David Farrell, "so that we're celebrating our own thirty-two years of history at Westmoore Pottery as well as North Carolina's pottery history from long ago."

The focus of this year's Heritage Day will be on styles of pottery that were made by North Carolina's prolific Moravian potters. Displays with information about those early Moravian potters of the 1700s and early 1800s will be scattered throughout the shop.

"This year's focus seemed only natural, since our 2009 Heritage Day coincides with the release of a new book about the Moravian potters of North Carolina," adds Mary Farrell.

The 2009 Ceramics in America, a hardcover volume scheduled to be released on October 30th, is all about North Carolina's Moravian heritage. In addition to the well-known Moravian potters of the Winston-Salem area, it will also cover a much lesser-known Moravian potter who worked near Asheboro, NC in the late 1700s. Westmoore Pottery will be offering the Ceramics in America book for sale to customers at a heavily discounted rate only through Heritage Day on November 7th.

Two kiln loads of pottery by Westmoore Pottery will be opened for Heritage Day, and will be available for purchase beginning at 9 am. Pottery from those kiln loads will reflect the focus of the day.

Pottery-making will be demonstrated throughout the day. The official Westmoore Pottery scrapbooks will be on display, and refreshments will be served.

Though primarily potters, the Farrells of Westmoore Pottery are also well known as dedicated preservationists of early pottery techniques. Their interest in old styles, and in spreading their knowledge about old styles, is long standing. Work by Westmoore Pottery is used as furnishings or in programs by many historical museums throughout the country.

Westmoore Pottery is located at 4622 Busbee Road, just off Highway 705, halfway between the small towns of Seagrove and Robbins, in North Carolina.

There is no charge to the public for this event.