Asheboro, NC - Next week, weather permitting, NCDOT contractors will move automobile traffic to a new portion of Zoo Parkway between Twin Creek Rd and Freedom State St. This move will add a new intersection and stop sign on Zoo Parkway.

Traffic traveling from the south (from the North Carolina Zoo) will come to the stop sign and make a right hand turn to continue on Zoo Parkway to the north. Traffic traveling southbound from Asheboro will have to slow down and make a left-hand turn in the intersection to continue south on Zoo Parkway toward the Zoo.

NCDOT engineers estimate this will likely cause some backups during the busy morning and afternoon commutes because traffic will now have to come to a complete stop in an area that was formally a curve. This traffic pattern will be in place for a month or so.

At some point in December, traffic will be moved onto the new construction which Randolph County Commissioners have named “Zoo Connector” and the former Zoo Parkway will no longer be a contiguous road. 

Should you need resident or visitor assistance or have questions regarding this traffic pattern change, please feel free to contact a Travel Information & Visitor Services Counselor by phone at (800) 626-2672 daily between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.