Asheboro, NC - Passersby strolling through downtown Asheboro (population 25,284) for morning coffee or to browse for antiques can’t miss an illuminated trompe l’oeil train with real train tracks and lights that appears to be coming out of a brick wall. A local fine artist created it.

Susan Harrell is a self-taught painter and a native of Asheboro. She said she enjoys stretching her abilities from concept to image in creative ways by adding a layer of acrylic to her oil paintings and perfecting her skills with each new work.

She said, “I love the Renaissance era painters, like Rembrandt, Raphael, and Michelangelo. I learned from these masters. However, today I’ve focused more on something else. I’m a photorealist, an oil painter. I’m training to be a hyper-photorealist.”