On a recent visit to North Carolina I spent a day exploring the countryside, stopping along the way at some of the most fascinating little pottery shops you can imagine. For some of the potters, the work dates back several generations and their technique learned while they were still children. For others, the craft started as a hobby but grew into a way of life. The potters all know each other. The potters all help each other. The potters are a large network of “family”. Each talented in their craft with their own definite style and technique. North Carolina is home to the largest concentration of working potters in the United States. You can enjoy your day on a self guided driving tour, stopping at a few or stopping at each one you pass. Within a 20 mile radius there is almost 100 shops to visit. Each shop and property also houses the tools of the potters trade – clay, wheels and ovens – some new – some modern – but the most fascinating ones are the ones handed down from generation to generation. Many of the potters, with the help of modern technology, have formulated their own clay mixes, colors and techniques.