For many Halloween enthusiasts, like myself, October is synonymous with the spooky season. (If we’re being real, though, 2020 has been one giant spooky season.)

One positive I’ve seen come out of this year is that people seem to be more inclined to celebrate with creative Halloween decorations and new local attractions.

Here are 12 haunted attractions located 70 minutes or less from Charlotte. It’s time to get spooky.

Kersey Valley Spookywoods Haunted House

1 hr, 10 min from Charlotte

From the moment you arrive, you are fair game to all of the haunted creatures that reside on Kersey Valley land. Spookywoods has been a North Carolina tradition since 1985 and it’s said to be one of America’s most famous haunted attractions. This haunted house has 12 scenes to walk through and along the way, you’ll encounter a few surprises.

Open: Now through the first week in November

Admission: $30 Friday and Sunday, $35 Saturday

Location/hours: 1615 Kersey Valley Rd, Archdale, NC