Asheboro, NC - Brightside Gallery will host SPOOKY events on October 18, 2014 from 1 to 4 p.m. Stop by to round out your Halloween season. You won’t want to miss this amazing line-up of talent! There will be a spooky storyteller on the front porch (Ray Albright); a spooky jewelry artist (Susan Reynolds) in the jewelry parlor and a spooky doll maker (Mary Davis) in the front parlor. These events are all FREE and open to the public.

Ray Albright, a Randolph County native and retired businessman, is a storyteller extraordinaire! He has been involved in story telling at libraries throughout the county and festivals throughout the state. Ray grew up listening to and telling stories at a very early age. He explains that every meal in his childhood home (where the family always ate together) became a wonderful story telling and story listening hour. Coming from a home of seven children, plus Mom and Dad (for a total of nine), made for plenty of stories at the table!

Susan Reynolds is a jewelry artist from Raleigh, NC. Susan's favorite time of the year is fall and Halloween. She creates jewelry year round with skulls but for Halloween and Day of the Dead, she cranks it up a notch. Come see her designs with fairy bottles, potion bottles and skulls with semi-precious stones and bling. Black cats, owls and lots of fall color. 

Mary Davis is an Asheboro artist. Mary crafts one of a kind art dolls from vintage textiles, trims, and jewelry findings. Her latest doll creations, So Madly Quaint, incorporate her fascination of all things Halloween into her designs. Join Mary and see how she brings her whimsy creations to life.

Enjoy a beautiful autumn day by coming downtown and spending some time with us and our immensely talented guests! It would be a FRIGHTFUL shame for you to miss these events!