Asheboro, NC - Ian Thomsen is a modern metalsmith.  He is self-taught and focuses on utilitarian items that blend colonial and folk style elements.  You may have seen him featured on the local television program, “Roy’s Folks” or in Asheboro’s “Thrive” magazine.   With hammer and anvil he forges these items no modern civilization can live without.  We may be accustomed to a plastic, massed produced version.  His traditional process includes the use of coal fire, files and rivets (a truly minimal/modern set-up).  The results are handcrafted iron items that are both functionally and artistically beautiful.  Each handmade item provides an opportunity to witness the maker’s hand — each piece is one-of-a-kind.  Want to know more about how a traditional metal worker creates in our modern world?  Join us for the free lecture on Wednesday, Mar. 16th at 7p.  To see more of his creations visit . For more information contact the Randolph Arts Guild at (336) 629-0399 x 23

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Artist Bio: Ian Thomsen is a young blacksmith in his 20's, currently residing and working in Asheboro NC. His focus is primarily utilitarian items, making high quality beautiful and functional pieces blending colonial and folk style elements.