Asheboro, NC - The Randolph Arts Guild is set to feature the artwork of Nikki Cherry. During the month of August Nikki’s solo exhibition will be highlighted in the Randolph Arts Guild’s Sara Smith Self Gallery located at 123 Sunset Ave. in downtown Asheboro. The exhibition begins with an opening reception on Tuesday, August 4th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm, the event is free and open to the public. The exhibition will close with a Lunch and Learn reception at noon on August 25th.

Nikki Cherry’s artwork is instantly recognizable by her bold, bright, and spirited use of color.  It is this expressive nature of her paintings that resonates with viewers and shares a contagiously blissful view of the world. Her paintings present their subject matter with a simplicity that is both zen-like and iconic, but her true artist skills are found in the beautiful brevity at which her brushstrokes both define the subject matter and expand upon its essence.  

 Nikki Cherry began painting at a very young age and the passion manifested itself in many different ways throughout her life.  However it wasn’t until college that she began to focus on painting on canvas.  Beginning with commissions for friends and families, gradually Nikki started showing in galleries, festivals, and at markets. Now Nikki’s work is can be found in a variety of venues.

 Perhaps equally notable as Nikki’s artistic talent is her ability to share the wonderful world of art with others.  Nikki established The Preppy Possum studio at 830 S Cox St, Asheboro NC 27203 as a place where anyone can come and create a painting with no prior experience necessary.  The paint and sip studio creates a fun and relaxing environment where people feel at ease putting paint to canvas and as a result has inspired an untold number of students to pursue their artist passions.  The success of her studio and her art is no doubt almost entirely due to Nikki’s magnetic and fun personality which is clearly evident in both.

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  The Randolph Arts Guild is open Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm and Saturday from 10am - 2pm.  For more information please call 336-629-0399