Asheboro, NC - Brightside Gallery’s resident artist, T Von Hoff, will be hosting an opening reception with light refreshments served in her studio on March 14 from 11 am to 5 pm. In her final month of residency, this exhibition, which runs from March 14-31, will showcase her oeuvre of portraits done in the medium of oil pastels. Her work revolves around the notion of individuality in an attempt to understand a deeper sense of self while capturing this moment in thought, feeling or action. “I guess that’s kind of what brought me here in the first place,” T states. “As a city kid, I wanted to rediscover the birthplace of my father. I was naturally drawn to Brightside Gallery when my grandmother told me that she remembers playing in the front lawn back in the 1940’s when the house then belonged to the Ross’ family.” For those interested in meeting the artist and commissioning a piece - you are more than welcome to come by the gallery for further details.