ASHEBORO, NC - The North Carolina Zoo is proud to announce two awards recently bestowed on several of our outstanding zoo keepers by the American Association of Zoo Keepers, Inc. (AAZK) at the National Conference in Washington D.C.

First, the North Carolina Zoo’s Training Resource Team (TRT) recently received the prestigious Certificate of Merit for Zoo Keeper Education Award. This grassroots team of frontline animal care specialists (zoo keepers), was established in 2015 to support the Zoo’s overall behavioral management program. This program is designed to use animal training and environmental enrichment techniques to improve animal welfare through behavior modification. 

The core team of the TRT includes Bria Stambaugh, Nicole Pepo, Dana Urbanski, Tamara Trull, Kelly Nields, and Angela Macy. This dedicated group was distinguished by their AAZK peers for developing an animal training resource for all keepers at the North Carolina Zoo. Through this group, staff is able to seek advice and guidance from those with more experience. The team, passionate about conservation, the animals in their care and their peers, was elated by the honor. These professionals were selected to be the core team based on years of zoo keeping experience or because of time spent working with the Zoo’s Training Consultant, Phung Luu. The idea was to continue the training momentum when Luu was not available on park. 

The TRT, recently renamed the Behavior Management Team (BMT), is expanding their goals to include all aspects of behavior management, not only training. Monthly meetings can either focus on a specific topic (such as teamwork or weight and diet management), consist of training demonstrations, or to serve as a brainstorming opportunity for new or challenging training needs. Keepers from all over the park attend, discuss, and problem solves with each other. 

The second award was presented to Nicole Pepo for the Lutz Ruhe Meritorious Achievement award as AAZK’s Professional of the Year

“I had to hold back tears as I heard what my colleagues had said about me on the nomination form. I have no words to articulate my gratitude,” Pepo said when interviewed. 

She was singled out for her significant involvement with AAZK, the Zoo’s Arctic Ambassador Center team, the Behavior Management Team as well as her promotion of conservation and the ability to spread awareness of environmental issues. Pepo practices what she preaches by organizing tree plantings in Asheboro and involving the entire community. She has demonstrated a superior passion for helping animals in her care and advocating for their wild counterparts. 

About the North Carolina Zoo 

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