Asheboro, NC – The North Carolina Zoo is enlisting the public’s help to name the new female baby rhino born at the Zoo Monday, July 2.

The new calf was born to mom Linda and dad Stormy. She weighed approximately 80-90 pounds at birth and, at just over two weeks old, is weighing in at 150 pounds. Mom and calf are doing well, and both are on view to the public on our Watani Grasslands 40-acre habitat.

Vote for your favorite of six names chosen by the Zoo’s rhino zookeepers. Each of the six names reflects the theme of strong, female leaders in history, both factual and mythical. They are: Boadicea, a Celtic warrior queen; Diana, goddess of wild animals in Roman mythology; Grace O’Malley, Irish queen and naval captain;  Mamba, an all-female group of anti-poaching advocates in Africa; Nandi, Queen of the Zulus and mother of Shaka Zulu; Penelope, Queen of Ithaca and wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology, who also symbolizes family and fidelity; and Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands who fought against Nazi occupation during World War II.

Voting opens at 12 pm Wed, July 18 and closes at 5 pm Tue, July 24 (all EDT). The online poll can be accessed through the Zoo’s website at or through the Zoo’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is no charge to select a name.

The winning name will be announced Friday, July 27.

In a lucky twist of fate, a second female baby rhino was born on Friday, July 13 to mom Kit and dad Stormy. At five days old, she is doing well and is also on the Watani Grasslands habitat with the full rhino herd. The Zoo will make an announcement at a later time about the details of her naming process.



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