ASHEBORO, NC — A new beer release from Four Saints Brewing Company is all about American red wolves. Red Wolf Red IPA is a partnership between the Asheboro brewery and the North Carolina Zoo Society. The beer will be released Nov. 18, and 10 percent of proceeds benefit American red wolf conservation efforts at the North Carolina Zoo.

American red wolf conservation is just one Zoo project highlighted in the new series from Nat Geo WILD, “Secrets of the Zoo: North Carolina,” airing Saturdays, Oct. 31-Dec. 19.

“Some of the projects going on at the Zoo are making an impact all over the world,” says Joel McClosky, Four Saints co-owner and CEO. “When people see what’s happening at the Zoo, we hope it will have a domino effect, that learning about the Zoo will encourage them to come check out our community and all of the great things going on.”

The North Carolina Zoo is located seven miles south of Four Saints Brewing. It is the largest natural habitat zoo in the world and plays a major role in animal conservation in the United States and internationally. The American red wolf was once the apex predator in the southeastern U.S. but was declared extinct in the wild 40 years ago. A recovery program reintroduced the American red wolf to the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in eastern North Carolina. Today the entire American red wolf population consists of about 250 wolves under human care and about 15 wolves in the wild.