Seagrove, NC - Many years ago, Linda Thorne bought her first orchid.

After that, she was hopelessness hooked. Today, she operates Seagrove Orchids at 3451 Brower Mill Road, Seagrove. In operation since 1999, it is filled with over 6,000 orchids in various stages of development. She ships plants all over the country.

The greenhouse is filled with exotic beauties with names like Cattleya walkeriana, Brassavola cordata, Phragmipediums and Paphiopedilum. Visitors will also find Phalaenopsis, Vandas and Ascocendas. If the names are a bit intimidating, Thorne recommends new orchid owners get to know them by their more enticing names. Names like Lion Star, White Beauty or Regal Jewels.