Asheboro, NC - Brightside Gallery will be showcasing two amazing area artists on their front porch for Small Business Saturday, November 29, 2014.  They also happen to be a husband and wife team.  Featured from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. will be Jared Slack (fine art painter) and Lynley Holt Slack (jewelry artist). 

Jared Slack was born into a family of musicians and artists, and is a fourth generation painter. He was raised in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, but has spent his adult years in the mid-west and the south. 

He graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Fine arts degree in 2D art, and was named Outstanding Painter for Utah State the year he graduated. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Miami University (Ohio). 

Jared has taught art on many different levels, including University, Middle School, Elementary, Community art and private lessons. 

Lynley has always been an art lover, and appreciator of jewelry. She was watching TV and saw some necklaces she really loved, and upon suggestion from her husband, decided she would make them herself. 

Lynley loves natural stone and makes jewelry as a way to relax, and also sells her jewelry at art fairs with Jared. 

Lynley was raised in Georgia, but has enjoyed living in North Carolina. 

Jared and Lynley enjoy the creativity of working in the studio together, and selling together at art fairs and special events. 

Please join the gang at Brightside Gallery for this special day and meet two very talented guest artists.