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3rd Annual NC Aviation Museum Fly-In   (05/29/09)
Although several food vendors and a few displays will be familiar to area aviati... (read more)

North Carolina Zoo invites media to ACACIA STATION grand opening   (05/29/09)
ASHEBORO-Reporters, editors, free-lance writers, photographers and videographers... (read more)

North Carolina Zoo presents education programs on snakes   (05/14/09)
ASHEBORO, N.C.-North Carolina Zoo keepers and education staff will present progr... (read more)

Climax teen wins NC Zoo's giraffe-naming contest   (05/13/09)
ASHEBORO, N.C.-Lexy Labrador, a 17-year-old from Climax, has won the North Carol... (read more)

New summer camps aimed at budding zoo vets   (05/05/09)
ASHEBORO--The North Carolina Zoo's veterinary staff has taken on a new mission t... (read more)

NC Zoo celebrates birds & moms in weekend fest   (05/05/09)
ASHEBORO, N.C.-As part of International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) held annually ... (read more)