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Perspective | Comets 2 Careers summer internship program: Empowering students to invest in their fut

Posted on 05/11/20

North Carolina’s brand for work-based learning, NC Career Launch, was informally launched in the state in late February. NC Career Launch includes various types of work-based learning such as internships, co-ops, work-based learning courses at community colleges, and fellowships. The different types of work-based learning are offered for both youth and adults. One existing work-based learning program that highlights its advantages for high school students is experiencing great success in Randolph County.

Asheboro High School, located in the heart of North Carolina, has a rich history of providing education for the community since 1950. Asheboro High School is a comprehensive high school with a smaller learning community located at the North Carolina Zoo. Within the school, the Asheboro City Schools Career & Technical Education (CTE) program, called “Comets 2 Careers,” offers career exploration, career development, and work-based learning activities.

Comets 2 Careers specifically targets students who do not have post-graduation plans. As part of the Comets 2 Careers initiative, the 2019 summer internship program was one of Asheboro High School’s most exciting new opportunities last year.

-by Annie Izod

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