Dr Jones

Welcome to Randolph County, the heart of the state of North Carolina and home to the most beautiful zoological park in the country. The North Carolina Zoo is located in the middle of a rapidly-expanding urban arc stretching from Raleigh, the state capital, to Charlotte, the largest city and major U.S. financial center. In my 45 years in the zoo world, having seen and worked with most of the major zoos worldwide, I can honestly say that none of them approach the beauty of this site, both in its natural settings and those that we have created.

At 2,200 continuous acres, we are the largest zoo geographically in the world giving us enormous potential for expansion. With public concerns about keeping large wild animals in small spaces, the Zoo will be one of the few zoos in the U.S. with the space to exhibit elephants and other large animals in the future.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we recognize our zoo as a state icon that all North Carolinians can take pride in and look forward to connecting our visitors with wildlife and wild places in 2014.

Best regards,

Dr. David Jones, Director, North Carolina Zoological Park

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