About Randolph County

Agriculture & Civic Center Committee

In order to facilitate the planning process for an Agri-Business Civic Center in Randolph County,  County Commissioners have appointed identified individuals to a Planning Committee that will review and make recommendations as this project moves forward. The following representatives were appointed at the Commissioners June 6, 2016, meeting:

  • Jonathan Black, Representing the Randolph County Cooperative Extension
  • Kemp Davis, Ken Austin, & Bobby Allen – Representing the Voluntary Ag District Board
  • Faylene Whitaker & Mark Wilburn – Representing Randolph County Agriculture Industry
  • Jeremy Lanier – Representing the Randolph Livestock and Poultry Improvement Association
  • Rodney Speas – Representing the Farm Service Agency
  • Randy Blackwood – Representing the Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Jenny Parks – Representing Randolph County Soil & Water
  • Jon Albertson – US Forestry
  • Allen Hart - Rural Development
  • David Allen, Hal Johnson, & Paxton Arthurs - Representing the County
  • Tammy O’Kelley & Gail Morgan – Representing the Tourism Development Authority

Staff support will include:

  • Will Massie, County Finance Officer
  • Dana Crisco, Deputy Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners
  • Amber Renee Skeen, Clerk to the TDA Board
  • Carmen Boswell, Extension Administrative Assistant
Address145-B Worth St
Asheboro NC 27203