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Leapin' Lizards! Lifelike Dinosaurs Return to the NC Zoo   (03/29/13)
Asheboro, NC - A cacophony of roars and screeches emanate from a foresty edge of... (read more)

DINOSAURS Return to NC Zoo in 2013   (03/28/13)
Asheboro, NC - They'rrrrrrrrrrre....baaaaaaaaaaack!Dinosaurs, those so-called "t... (read more)

Popular DINOSAURS Exhibit Returns to NC Zoo   (03/28/13)
Asheboro, NC - The North Carolina Zoo on Friday will unveil for the second time ... (read more)

NC Zoo Critters to get Egg-Stravaganza Treats   (03/27/13)
Asheboro, NC - The North Carolina Zoo will hold its annual "Egg-Stravaganza" on ... (read more)

NC Zoo Partners in International Anti-Poaching Project   (03/25/13)
Asheboro, NC - The North Carolina Zoo has partnered with five world-renowned con... (read more)

NC Zoo Begins Summer Openings, Schedules | DINOSAURS Return for Second Season   (03/25/13)
Asheboro, NC - The North Carolina Zoo will begin its summer operating hours and ... (read more)

NC Zoo Names Volunteer of the Year   (03/20/13)
Asheboro, NC - A Zebulon mother of three has been named the North Carolina Zoo V... (read more)

NC Zoo to Host Box Turtle Conservation Workshop   (03/18/13)
Asheboro, NC - The North Carolina Zoo will host the fourth Box Turtle Conservati... (read more)

Christopher Benfey Signs Book at NC Pottery Center   (03/15/13)
Seagrove, NC - The North Carolina Pottery Center is pleased to announce an upcom... (read more)

Celebration of Spring Kiln Openings & Studio Tours in Seagrove Participants   (03/13/13)
Seagrove, NC - Seagrove potters are again coming together to create an eventful ... (read more)

NC Zoo Employee Receives State Sustainability Award   (03/08/13)
Asheboro, NC - An employee at the North Carolina Zoo received a 2012 Sustainabil... (read more)

NC Zoo Among Most-Visited Attractions   (03/04/13)
The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro remains one of the most-visited museums or hi... (read more)