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Don't Bite My Head Off | North Carolina Zoo Lions   (02/21/13)
Asheboro, NC - This is the moment a lion shows his mate who's boss during a heat... (read more)

NC Zoo to Celebrate International Polar Bear Day   (02/18/13)
Asheboro, NC - The North Carolina Zoo is teaming up with Polar Bears Internation... (read more)

Richard Petty still The King of NASCAR   (02/18/13)
Daytona Beach, FL - It's good to be king. It's even better to be The King.Richar... (read more)

NC Zoo Expecting Third Baby Gorilla   (02/14/13)
Asheboro, NC - On Valentine's Day, a date traditionally set aside to celebrate l... (read more)

NC Zoo Society Board Names New Member   (02/06/13)
Asheboro, NC - The North Carolina Zoo Society's Board of Directors elected Asheb... (read more)