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NC Zoo Visitors Get Christmas Gift of New Polar Bear   (12/24/13)
Asheboro, NC — It’s a special gift even Santa Claus would have probl... (read more)

North Carolina Zoo Featured on State Travel Guide Cover   (12/18/13)
ASHEBORO, NC — The North Carolina Zoo, celebrating its 40th anniversa... (read more)

I-73/74 Visitor Centers to be closed today   (12/08/13)
Seagrove, NC - Due to predictions of ice and adverse weather, and the unpredicta... (read more)

NC Zoo to close on Sunday, December 8th   (12/07/13)
Asheboro, NC — Due to predictions of ice and adverse weather, the North Ca... (read more)

New Sea Lions on Exhibits at NC Zoo   (12/05/13)
Asheboro, NC — A pair of California sea lions went on exhibit for the firs... (read more)

NC Pottery Center presents: Old Ways in Mind   (12/03/13)
Seagrove, NC - Old Ways in Mind: Historical American Pottery and Contemporary NC... (read more)

Bulldog Pottery's Holiday Sale   (12/02/13)
Seagrove, NC - Seagrove’s Bulldog Pottery artists, Bruce Gholson and Saman... (read more)

Westmoore Pottery holds Annual Holiday Open House Event   (12/02/13)
Seagrove, NC - On Saturday, December 7, 2013, Westmoore Pottery, located just ou... (read more)