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Woodfired Grande Exhibition
Start Date
End Date
Repeats Every Day until 12/16/2023
This Event is Over!
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
The North Carolina Pottery Center
233 East Avenue
Seagrove NC 27341
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Contact Information
Name: North Carolina Pottery Center
Phone: 336-873-8430
Admission: 2.50 per adult/1.00 (13-18 years old)/Free (12 & under)

Woodfiring is arguably the most revered and evocative of all pottery traditions, and North Carolina's woodfiring potters in our humble, completely non-biased, opinion create some of -the- best woodfired pottery. And, what's better than woodfired pottery? Woodfired Grande pottery! Featuring a single piece from 25+ potters across our state, our Woodfired Grande exhibition features a wide, diverse sampling of exceptional woodfired craftsmanship. Work that is toasty with hints of chocolate, caramel, and butterscotch and so good you can almost smell the woodsmoke. There are even a few Venti and Trenta pieces in the show! Every piece in this show will be available for purchase and may be taken home immediately if desired. Individuals purchasing pieces will also receive a modest Starbucks gift card - to satisfy any cravings our show and their purchase may have induced.

Woodfired Grande Exhibition
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