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Holiday Open House with Seagrove Potters
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Contact Information
Admission: FREE
Website: Seagrove Potters Particpating

Save the dates!  Join the Seagrove Potters this season for their Annual Holiday Open House.You’re invited to celebrate the holiday season on a self guided pottery tour. Starting on December 4th through December 18th weekends, the pottery shops of Seagrove have special events planned on Saturdays.  Already have plans for those weekends? Don’t be dismayed, shops are open during the week too!. Enjoy finding something for everyone on your list this year. Experience a hearty dose of holiday cheer, feel the warmth of the fireplaces, as you venture through the Seagrove community. Free and open to the public! Visit the website for a complete list of potters. 

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