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Calendar Details

Telling Our Stories: Company K and Beyond
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Asheboro Public Library
201 Worth St
Asheboro NC 27203
Contact Information
Name: Meghan Carter
Phone: 336-318-6803
Admission: FREE
Website: Randolph Public Library

Actors Ali Evarts, Isaac Klein, and Jason Lott will join playwright Barbara Presnell to discuss their experiences putting ideas on paper and sharing them. These four have a broad range of writing experience, including poetry, playwriting, screenwriting & nonfiction. Evarts is native NC who acts, writes & produces for stage and film. Klein is a Winston-Salem based writer, director, teacher & performer, & author. Lott, based in Los Angeles, is an actor and filmmaker whose darkly awkward buddy road-trip comedy Burying Yasmeen is currently available on iTunes. In creating the play, Presnell used letters home and other original documents from her grandfather to bring to life the soldiers in the trenches and their loved ones. The play recounts the pivotal battle of Bellicourt, in which Company K led Allied forces in breaking the German Hindenburg Line defensive position, hastening the end of the war. The unit suffered heavy a shocking loss of 23 soldiers from the small communities of Randolph County.

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