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Cast, But Not Least & Historic Slip! Decoration in NC Opening Reception
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
North Carolina Pottery Center
233 East Ave
Seagrove NC 27341
Contact Information
Name: Susan Greene
Phone: 336-873-8430
Admission: FREE
Website: NC Pottery Center

Opening reception for two of the newest exhibits at the North Carolina Pottery Center. Free and open to the general public.

Historic Slip is an integral tradition in the evolution of ceramics in North Carolina. Slip was used as decoration in various forms from the application of engobes to change the surface color of the clay palette to trailed, dotted, marbled, and splotched designs. Utilization of slip writing conveyed messages, advertising, and dating of pottery. Designs can be used to help archaeologists, historians, and collectors identify pottery production sites.

Curated by Hal & Eleanor Pugh.

Cast, But Not Least explores the landscape of North Carolina slipcasting, past and present, to show that it is not secondary to turning; the technique presents complex challenges and requires a different way of thinking about and creating ceramics.

Featured Artists: Stormie Burns, Herb Cohen, Amanda Crowe, Heather Mae Erickson, Bruce Gholson & Samantha Henneke, Lisa Gluckin, Chris Gryder, Bill Jones, Nick Moen, Tom Spleth, Mark Warren, Erin Younge Curated by Emily Lassiter.

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