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Calendar Details

Emerging Artist Series: Farewell Friend Band
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sunset Theatre
234 Sunset Ave
Asheboro NC 27203
Contact Information
Phone: 336-629-0399
Admission: $10
Website: Randolph Arts Guild | Emerging Artist Series

Farewell Friend Band was started in 2012 by Thomas Troyer. With a multi-layered approach alternative folk country, Farewell Friend delves into lush orchestral textures, gritty distorted guitar solos, and minimal acoustic landscapes to tell stories about love, loss, and identity. Their three part conceptual project “Lineage” consists of the remastered EP’s Brother’s Keeper, Father and Son, and Grandfather Clock, including two additional singles. This collection of work tells the story of a family line whose history is wrought with struggle, challenge, success, and tragedy. The musical territory covered in this project is diverse as an extended family reunion and divergent as the American landscape.

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