In Seagrove, The Pottery Capital of the USA, we’re thinking about “winter whites” in a new way. This collection of white, off-white, beige and neutral pottery from several makers captured our imagination this season--and inspired blissful home decor dreams.

But First, About Seagrove…

Seagrove, NC, in the heart of North Carolina, represents the largest concentration of potters in the country with more than 100 working potters in the area and 54 shops and galleries open to the public. Some potters have been here for generations. Others have relocated here from across the country to enjoy the community of craftsmen and enthusiastic visitors. 

Our Take On Winter Whites

These kitchen-smart creations below are made by Alexa Modderno of Moddware, available at Seagrove Stoneware Pottery, the studio and shop she shares with her husband.

Winter white pottery created by Alexa Modderno at Moddware in Seagrove NC
Winter white pottery plates created by Alexa Modderno of Moddware in Seagrove NC
Winter white utensil holder created by Alexa Modderno of Moddware in Seagrove NC

Linda Potts at Potts Pottery is a Cole family descendant. That name is synonymous with generations of functional pottery makers. She and husband Jeff work together to make a complete array of tableware in a variety of colors, including white. Most white pieces have a signature streak of color.

Winter white pottery bowl created by Potts Pottery in Seagrove NC
Winter white pottery mug created by Potts Pottery in Seagrove NC
Winter white pottery bowls created by Potts Pottery in Seagrove NC

Tom Gray Pottery studied Japanese pottery techniques and has trained at the Virginia Beach Art Center and Sandpiper Pottery. He’s drawn inspiration from around the world for his pieces with clean, serene lines. His whites have a subtle grey undertone, perfect for today’s sleek kitchens.

Winter white pottery plates and mugs created by Tom Gray in Seagrove NC


Bobbie Thomas at Thomas Pottery serves up stylish tabletop and home decor pieces. Her signature textured look with an occasional note of whimsey keeps pieces classic and contemporary for years of use and enjoyment. Bobbie also teaches hands-on pottery classes at her studio. Check out her event schedule, too. 

When You Visit

The pieces above are just a smattering of the whites--and pottery of all colors--you can take home. Call before you go, as these potters tend their own shops and their families, too. You can meet the makers of your pottery, ask questions, and learn about future kiln openings. Kiln openings are when a pottery fires a kiln of pottery, and they open it up and sell the new pieces straight to the visitors after it cools down.

Seagrove is 1.5 hours west of Raleigh, NC and 1.5 hours north and slightly east of Charlotte, NC. Visit our website to see a listing of all the public galleries and shops and learn more about this lovely, creative town

Warning: A visit to Seagrove can be addictive. It’s hard to resist taking home several pieces!

- Guest post by Susan Dosier, DK Communications Group