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The Randolph County Historic Landmark Preservation Commission was created in 2008 to recognize buildings, places, sites and objects deemed important to the understanding of local history. To date, 20 landmarks and 22 cultural heritage sites and objecs have been desinated. In addition, 21 sites have been recorded on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service, and four of those are also local landmarks.

Visitors must be aware that, whether designated by national, state, Randolph County or municipal governments, landmarks and cultural history sites are often privately owned and are not normally open to the public.

For additional information regarding accessibility and for a complete list of Cultural Heritage Sites, Historic Landmarks and Research options, please contact the Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau by phone at 800-626-2672 or 336-626-0364, or online at

1775 - 1800 Mt Shepherd Archaeological Pottery Sit - Asheboro
1782 Andrew Balfour Family Cemetery - Asheboro
1802 Sandy Creek Primitive Baptist Church - Liberty
1838 Franklinsville Manufacturing Company - Franklinville
1848 Austin Lawrence House - Franklinville
1850 Hanks Masonic Lodge No. 128 - Franklinville
1855 Trinity Museum/Winslow House - Trinity
1860 Marmaduke Swaim Robins Law Office - Asheboro
1888 Gate Keepers House - Asheboro
1909 Randolph County Courthouse - Asheboro
1911 Pisgah Covered Bridge - Asheboro
1921 John Wesley's Stand - Sophia
1922 Old County Rest Home - Asheboro
1929 Charles W. McCrary House - Asheboro
1929 Sunset Theatre - Asheboro
1933 J. Frank McCrary House - Asheboro
1938 Asheboro Municipal Building - Asheboro
1949 Petty Enterprises - Randleman